How to Stage a Child’s Room

stage a child’s room

Staging your home to sell is one of the fastest ways to sell your home for more! It’s because home staging helps potential buyers better visualize the spaces in a vacant home in use. This is especially true for families who have children to think of when they buy their new house. Finding the perfect place for your children to grow up and play in is so important that it can make or break a home. That’s why at HR Staging & Design, we’re here to help you understand how to stage a child’s room for the maximum effect!

Start with a clear budget in mind

The first thing to remember whenever you stage any space is to set a budget and stick to it! Redecorating a space can get wildly expensive if you don’t stay disciplined in this regard and at the end of the day, you don’t want to cut into your home staging budget.

Look at the space through the buyer’s eyes

When it comes to actually staging the child’s room, you want to look at the space through the buyer’s eyes. This means to remember that your tastes may be different than that of the general home buyer with kids.

Remember to make decorating decisions that limit the overall number of complaints from potential buyers. Avoid going with divisive themes or stylistic choices that are too niche. While you are staging a child’s room, you are staging it for their parents.

Make sure the furniture is functional and fits

When it comes to choosing staging furniture such as beds, nightstands, and dressers you want to make sure that the furniture is functional and that it fits the space that it will be in.

You won’t want to cram a bunk bed into a room with a low ceiling that makes the bed look cramped. Instead, you might choose to stage the room with something more space-saving like a trundle bed.

Make enough space to play

When staging a child’s room, it is important to leave enough room for the buyers to imagine their children playing with toys in the room. Using a play mat or a staged toy set as a focal point in the room can accomplish this goal easily. Rember to make it safe! 

Consider adding a desk

Children love doing arts and crafts activities and they will also have homework to do. Adding a child-sized desk in the room can be a great way to stage the room that gives the potential buyers an opportunity to see a functional piece of furniture in the room.

Keep themes simple

Finally, keep themes simple. It can be easy to go way overboard with decorations and themes that are too gendered or too age-specific. Use neutral colors for wall paint, don’t go too heavy on the superheroes, and remember that you want to cast the widest possible net for boys, girls, and infants.