How To Get Homebuyers Excited With Home Staging

How To Get Homebuyers Excited With Home Staging

Getting homebuyers excited about a home is a monumental step in the right direction if you want to guarantee that you sell your home quickly for the highest value possible. Getting the right homebuyers excited may even get more than one potential buyer engaged in a bidding war (where competing buyers try to outbid each other often going over the asking price) which is only good news for you. So how do you get homebuyers that excited about a property that you’re selling? With some high-quality home staging and interior design. That’s how. Here are guaranteed ways to get homebuyers excited about your home with nothing more than creative home staging techniques.

Understand the Expectations That TV Design Shows Have Set for Homebuyers

If you really want to “WOW” homebuyers then you really need to understand what their expectations are so that you know what you need to do in order to go above and beyond. Thanks to the countless home decoration and home renovation shows on TV, more homebuyers will have strong opinions about what their “dream home” should look like.

Homebuyers are really into trends that are popular here in Atlanta and across the South and the Midwestern United States. Some of these trends involve semi-rustic homes with open spaces, a lot of grays and whites with modern finishes in bathrooms and kitchens.

As unrealistic and unpractical as some of these expectations are, they’re important to understand from a “know your audience” point of view.

Home Staging Advice To Live by

Here are a few home staging tips that will help you get your homebuyers excited about your home.

Curb Appeal Comes First

When homebuyers pull up to your home for a tour, the first thing that they will see about the home is the exterior of the home. You want to capitalize on this by adding as much curb appeal as possible. Giving the house and the garage door a fresh coat of paint will go a long way in making the house look new and in good condition. Even if the home IS in good shape, old paint and a battered garage door will give the impression that the home is run-down.

Give Your Home a Fresh Coat of Paint

As mentioned, homebuyers are really into gray paint-jobs because it is a neutral color that is insanely popular on DIY home design TV shows. While you could play it safe and go with grays and whites around the house, we suggest taking it to the next level and giving your home a fresh coat of paint. Choose a sophisticated neutral color that keeps the home feeling simple but that elevates the overall appearance.

Have a Sparkling Clean Home, Always

When you head inside the house, you want to make sure that the home is immaculate in terms of cleanliness. We highly recommend clearing the house of everything you possibly can and having the house deep cleaned from top to bottom. A clean home is well-taken care of home and this adds to the perceived value of the home.

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Home staging effectively can be a handful but it can also be incredibly rewarding if you can catch the perfect homebuyer’s attention. HR Staging & Design in Atlanta has years of experience wowing home buyers with our elegant and stunning home staging designs. Contact us anytime to schedule a meeting with our team.