HR Staging and Design

At H&R Staging & Design, we are leaders in the business of staging market and have staged dozens of properties by now. As a full home staging service, you can count on our expertise and experience to display your property at its best. We have an expert insight into the local real estate market and know how to arrange the lighting, furnishings and use the right accessories to accentuate an interior space. With those minor aesthetic tweaks, you can make some major difference to your property’s value in real estate. Make use of effective staging to swell the financial benefits and get the best possible value.

Our Team

Our team will ensure that your property gains that competitive edge in the real estate market. With our staging efforts in the right direction, we help create an emotional connection between the prospective buyers and your property. The leading real estate brokerages in the real estate market are known to us, and we work with the market leaders in the industry.

We Promise

We promise to deliver the best value money results on time, every time. We are confident of bringing even the dullest property up to a marketable state and help you fetch a great selling price. Keep in mind that in real estate selling the first impressions will always count, and if you are confident about your property, you can take off to a great beginning.
The customer is always looking for that 'wow' factor that can always be added with careful planning and staging. The best part is that you will find our packages for staging services very competitive and cost effective. Thus, you can count on professional staging results on time and budget.
As the market is very competitive and there are close deadlines to meet, we are well experienced in working within tight timeframes.
  • "This is my second time hiring H&R Staging and Design, and they only deliver the best of the best. I almost wanted to buy my property again, because they made our home so inviting. I never knew my home could look so desirable until they did their magic."
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  • "My home stood out from the crowd because H&R Staging and Design made it look incredibly beautiful for us! We got so many offers on our houses, and we sold it at the price we wanted. This is a must-try!"
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  • "I flip houses for a living, and it’s crucial for me to make a sale asap. With home staging, I can do just that. And who is my go-to company for such a task? H&R Staging and Design. I’ve tried a variety of similar businesses, but nothing is just as good as this place! They know design, and they handle it well!"
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  • "If there’s anything in my life that I would do all over again, it’s to sell my home with an incorporation of home staging. It gives my property that desire that people want in a home. It’s amazing how much you can easily sell your home with it. Thank you H&R Staging and Design."
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  • "My wife and I had a hard time selling our house because it looked so empty. Our neighbor suggested to try home staging, and at first, we didn’t know what to expect. Out of desperation, we tried it out. Long story short, HR Staging and Design nailed it, and we sold our home quickly!"
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  • "I can't explain how happy I am for making the right choice and use H& R staging and Design to stage my house. I am fully satisfied with the professional service I received from Revital. She is such an amazing lady with great ideas."
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    Elleni Asseged
  • "H&R Staging is the best staging company I have come across. They are fast, responsive, helpful, and have great taste! Every item used in my house went perfectly with the design and style we were going for. Thank you!"
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    Kathlyn Carswell
  • "We used H&R Design for a design project in our home. They did an amazing job! Revital was thorough and professional, listening to our timeline and budget. We would highly recommend H&R Design to our friends!"
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    Adayou Malkou